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Content here about how Enterprise Paper is your top bulk supplier for B2B – serving businesses across Canada.

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Explore out wide range of innovative packing solutions and products.

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Eco Products

Biodegradable Bags
Compostable Bin Liners
Garbage Bags
Mesh Produce Bags
Roll Bags
Yard Waste Paper Bags

Biodegradable & Compostable Cups
BARE Sugarcane PLA Cups
Earth to Go Earth Cups
Green Century PLA Cups & Lids
Greenware Cups

Biodegradable Towel and Tissue
Essity Green Seal® Certified
Hoffmaster Green Seal® Certified
Kruger Products Ecologo® Certified
Lapaco Paper Ecologo® Certified

Biodegradable & Compostable Containers
BARE Sugarcane Plates & Bowls
BARE Sugarcane Clamshells
Earth to Go Taterware Clamshells
Earth to Go Taterware Food Trays
Ecoserve PLA Deli Containers
Green Century PLA Clamshells
Green Century PLA Plates & Bowls
Green Century Molded Sugarcane Fiber Trays
Primeware Cup Carriers, Hinged Units & Trays
Primeware Plates & Bowls
Earthcycle Molded Fibre Packaging by CKF Inc.

Biodegradable Cutlery
Earth to Go Taterware Cutlery
Ecoware Wooden Cutlery
Polar Ecopro Cutlery